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Alright, for a brief update -

I hooked up the square wave generator to the oscilloscope and it turns out the device is fully capable of satisfying the needs of the ecu by itself without having to add any components to the board. With a cold engine under 42~ mph the ecu will allow leanburn to activate only in 5th gear in its stock form, now I can hit any gear, even idle, but the ecu is limited to 2000 rpm until full operating temp - nevertheless, enough rpm to get down the road and save fuel until it's warmed up.

I've installed the Apexi VAFC controller and removed 5% fuel for a quick test run. That 5% allowed a 2"Hg manifold pressure, what a great sound through the throat of the microbeast. I may have to adjust the timing later and play with the settings some more. I see no skipping or any adverse effects thus far. I have hope, will report back as the project progresses.
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