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i've been playing around with wheel dams and looking into them, from what i've learend from oem setups and what the picture above also illustrates is that they seem to be largely placed to deflect air aways from the suspention and wheelwell gap (wich is bigger at the front because of steering) rather then the tire itself... maybe the tire could use some sheiedling as wellnbut be carefull not to defelect air to the wheelwell where apparently it's not wanted either.

i've had the same thought about useing mudflaps as airdams, but in the end they wouldn't fit that way, and would have been way to big...

i think these things dams need to be exacly sized to work, so imho putting them in front of the wheels as they are might not work.

what i meant is place them in the original location but backwards.

i don't remember where, but i've seen figures that sugest mudflaps could cause up to 7% of the total drag. might be worth takeing them off.

also just a thought but perhaps you could stick some (clear) vinyl? film on the car in locations where you'd suspect stone dameage, that might protect the surface...or black film might make the car look more ruged then mudflaps and you could use splatter patters as a guide to where they'd need to be.
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