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Originally Posted by SuperTrooper View Post
The other factor is sidewall height. Low aspect ratio tires have stiffer sidewalls = less RR. Look at the tires on mileage contest cars: tall, skinny, short sidewall. The tricky part is balancing low RR vs handling requirements.

Ah .... Mmmmmm .......Ah ........ Not exactly.

First, isn't this phrase contradictory? ....... "tall, skinny, short sidewall."

If you have tall, you don't have short sidewalls.

And this is certainly not true: ....... " Low aspect ratio tires have stiffer sidewalls = less RR."

Quite the opposite. Low aspect ratio tires have wider tread widths and that is the wrong direction for RR. Not to mention that lower aspect ratio tires generally have good grip - and that means poor RR. Contrary to popular belief, sidewall stiffness doesn't affect RR much.

BTW, based on the graphic we were discussing, you can't draw any conclusions. about aspect ratios - they are pretty mixed up in the data. Plus the lowest aspect ratio tested was a 60 series - and I don't know anyone who would call those a "Low Profile".

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