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new data

Did 600km today with hot weather (air con mandatory):

6.0 l/100km at 144 km/h (39.2 MPG US and 89.5 MPH) for 100km at a relatively stable speed (constant gas most of the time, road with slight slopes but seldom flat, light traffic)

7.4 l/100km at 160 km/h (31.8 MPG US and 99.4 MPH) for 230km, same highway and conditions, opposite direction.

I will post the photos when I'm allowed! The computer is, on average, 6% optimistic but the speed average is quite precise.

I also agree that the Jetta TDI data in the magazine is quite strange. My car is very similar (diesel engine, same power output, similar size, heavier), and returns much better results at stable speeds with not-so-optimal conditions. I understood that the testers corrected the final MPG value to account for the superior calorific content of diesel vs petrol (an arguable decision, I must say...), but it still seems that the values are too low.
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