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NFG, Michigan

Hey guys and gal. I'm the proud owner of a super sick, dope, flyass 98 Toyota Camry and yes...Its panty dropper forest green!
*edited pics out beause I don't have 5 posts yet*

2.2 liter slushbox. 201,000mi on the clock. I do regular oil changes but Its time for new struts, O2s, and some other odds and ends.
I drove her to Chicago last Friday and got 31mpg on the way there driving miss daisy and 32 on the way back 75/80mpg. Seems strange.
I plan on doing maintenance first and then an allignment. Next, smooth out the front, maybe some moon eyes and an air dam with skirts. I don't want to go too areo mod crazy. Of course I don't want to mess up the shear sexyness of the original design. I might do a budget CAI and a volo. It would be sweet to hit 40mpg...I havent read enough to know if thats dreaming or not. I commute 50 to 65miles a day. HI

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