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My method is to coast in neutral whenever its is possible without interrupting the flow of traffic. Inflate your tires to max sidewall pressure (posted on the tires sidewall). Keep your speed below 60 MPH if practical. Use drafting if you can do it safely, especially at any speed over 55 MPH. Use regular gas, Toyotas are designed to use regular and any higher octane is a waste of money. I buy the cheapest fuel I can find, and here the price difference can be 25 cents a gallon. Your best mileage will be pulse and coast on rural roads with low traffic volume. If you have hills use them in your pulse and coast.
If you are forced to slow down of stop, use neutral if you can time the light to be on when you reach it. If you need to slow more quickly then use drive to engage DFCO. Avoid the brakes at all cost, except a collision.

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