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scrapcento - '99 fiat seicento
90 day: 30.15 mpg (US)

fokus - '08 Ford Focus
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PCX - '10 Honda PCX
90 day: 77.88 mpg (US)

avensis - '13 Toyota Avensis
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Great news
The engine is not dead. The low oil pressure warning that made me panic was caused by a faulty sensor, not the engine dying \o/

Good news
Since the engine is OK, I'm heading for Rally Wyszkow 2012 this weekend

Edit: I just found this on the interwebs:
I sure hope I can beat those guys if they show up this year

Also, I finally got the tachometer installed. I knew I could get away with low RPMs with my oversized engine and short gearing, but now I learned that most of my driving is in the 1500-1900 RPM range. And that I can maintain a steady 45 km/h in 5th gear at ~1300RPM

I had a chance to do a street sprint vs a friend's 1.6 (115hp?) Ford Focus (station wagon) and it was a close call (I had a slightly better start, then he was slowly gaining on me). Pretty much what I'd expected

Did an antenna delete. Partly to optimize aero (yeah, I can see those instant gains coming), partly because it looked funny/lame/stupid.

Bad news
No tuft testing of the Kamm. It got even softer and started to collapse on itself, so I took it off and threw it away Lesson learned: do the waterproofing perfectly or don't bother at all.

I can find this thread by googling for my car. Hey, my first ever google #1 result \o/
But seriously, is there an option for finding the threads that I started?

The Scrapcento thread

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