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I can't really say anything as I'm guilty as charged when it comes to not thinking about the "actual" cost of something when I get it. For instance, recently, I've been wanting to get either A: a more fuel efficient car so my mpg will go up on my car, or B: a moped so that I can have something to do the majority of my driving on instead of the 4 door sedan I currently have. I never really considered how much I would have to drive it, or use it, etc. to hit the break even point. But I think that more goes into the "hobby" factor that was referred to early. Conserving gas has become such a compulsive habit or mine that it's almost turned from interest, to hobby and now into an obsession with emotional attachments. I'm not going to lie, saving fuel is addicting and I would almost think about spending a little extra unnecessarily to save a few extra mpg...maybe not $2k on all that fancy wizardry you mentioned, but I will certainly spend a few hundred dollars on aero improvements and materials to improve FE and reduce weight on my vehicle.

But after reading your post it did open my eyes to what I have done in the past and I think from now on before making any kind of purchase for the sake of "saving money" I'm going to evaluate if I truly do save by doing it or if it's just in my head because of what corporate America has brain washed me to think.
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