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Thank you everyone for your most helpful insight, I really appreciate it and it's great to be here!

My commute is 13 miles one way. I live in the country but my work on the outskirts of the city so it's not downtown.

Here is how my route plays out...

I pull out of my drive way and head down my rural road for 1 mile until I reach the loop expressway and come to a stop sign.

I take the expressway for 1 and a half miles until I reach the main highway, I come to a stop sign then drive under the overpass and come to a second stop sign. I turn left and drive several hundred feet until I enter the access ramp to the highway.

The speed limit is 70 but I drive 55 in the right lane. There are only 2 "rolling hills" on the highway is an incline once I drive over the river and the second is another overpass.

The highway route is about 9 miles total. I take the exit ramp and come to a stop light. I turn left and come to a second stop light...then I travel a few more feet until I reach my third stop light, turn right and come to a stop sign...then I drive a few more feet into my workplace's parking lot and I've reached my destination.

So here's a summary...

-4 stop signs
-3 stop signs
-2 rolling hills
-40 MPH rural road
-55 MPH expressway
-70 MPH highway
-40 MPH city street
-I keep cruise control on the entire highway route.

QUESTION: Will shifting from N to D wear out my transmission...if not then at least my gear shifter???
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