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Thank you very much

So our cars perform better at 60 versus 50-55???

I have a very, very difficult time maintaining a constant speed with my Camry due to its sensitive accelerator, that's why I've used cruise control...

I've been averaging 30-32 mpg or around 420-450 miles per tankful with 1/4 remaining.

I've taken out my spare tire since I have AAA Premiere roadside service and my max sidewall air pressure is 44 PSi but I keep it at 38 PSi...I don't know if these tires would blow out since the tread is halfway through the tire's life cycle.

The summers here in Texas are brutal 90-100+ degrees, so I have to use the A/C though it kills my acceleration and fuel economy by a few MPGs.

Would switching to synthetic oil, a K&N air filter and changing my fuel filter result in better fuel economy???

Thank you again!

Originally Posted by broski499 View Post
Hey Man, I have a 1999 camry with all the same specs, automatic tran, 18.5 gas tank, 4 banger, one thing you do not want to use in cruise control, my best trip average mpg from bakersfield to OC was 36 mpg. I found that if I stick the speed right at around 60 or 62 I get 40 to 42 mpg. This is very consistant with my ultragauge. I calibrated it the way someone above recomended, fill up the tank, zero everything in the ultraguage, zero a trip on your odometer, then the next time you fill up you enter how far you went, and it will adjust your mpg based on this.

I cost if I know I will be able to gain speed and be able to use it by either starting up a hill or if I'm going into a long flat, otherwise you are better off just staying in drive,

Empty your car out as much as you can

with strictly just around town driving I can barely get 23 to 24, I live in so cal so its a little hilly and it just kills my mpg.

highway is where the camry really does a great job, espeically with that 18.5 gallon gas tank you can go really really far with one take an hypermilling skills

I installed a volo FS3 chip but have not seen any great gains or really any gains at all, save your money

I also installed some fuel fins, also known as vortex generators, they are just silly, all my friends call them my cars hair, they don't do much as I have not seen really any gains.

one thing I did buy that helped some was some lucas fuel cleaner, amazon has some in a gallon container, my car has trouble starting sometimes and holding an idle and this really helped.

I taped the front of my grill for a while but do to living with parents they thought it was rediculous and stupid, so I took it off, not really sure what kind of gains if any I had. It was a partial grill block. my car still has glue residue on it so I don't recommend it

hope this helps, excited to see how you do, thats a solid commute you should be able to average I think around 30 to 35 mpg if you try
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