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Started wrenching on that nut...

You know, the one that connects the steering wheel to the seat.

But I just wanted to say wow. I feel like a complete moron when I look back at the way that I used to drive. Over the last week or so I have drastically altered my driving style and so far the results look very promising. Unfortunately I don't have any hard numbers to share yet but I have been driving using the Torque app on my phone mainly paying attention to the Instant and Average MPG screens. Here is a screen shot from my phone as of this morning as I was coasting down an overpass.

As you can see my phone is reporting that my average mileage so far is around 25MPG. That might not seem very impressive to most folks (especially here) but considering that just a couple months ago I was averaging around 14.5~15 MPG in this truck to me this is phenominal. Now for what it's worth I am already making preperations to stop using this truck as my daily driver mainly because it is such a fuel hog. But these numbers are very encouraging in that when I start driving my more efficent truck they will compound even further.

Now for what it's worth I know the number that I am getting from the application on my phone is not set in stone and I will not really know what my actual average is untill I fill up my truck again. But like I said these numbers are very encouraging to me. And despite the fact that I had not really started eco driving the truck until a few trips into this tank and I also let my wife borrow it a couple times, I am hopeful that when I actually fill it up it will pretty close to 20mpg at the pump, which if that's the case would still be by far the best mileage that this truck has ever got.

But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here for helping me to open my eyes and learn how to drive smarter.

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