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Thanks for posting the mod. It's really easy and took me about 30 minutes with the parts. I spent more time acquiring bits than I did making the swap.

I did this after I accidentally busted my non-intermittent wiper arm. It cost me about $30 with parts from the local pick-n-pull.

Your instructions with the column switch are bang on. I didn't exactly follow your instructions with the controller. I think my approach was quite a bit easier because I didn't disconnect connectors from the fuse panel. I got to experiment a bit at the yard, which helped.

Here's what I did:
  1. Remove the fuse panel cover (i.e. not the lower dash cover because that wasn't necessary)
  2. Remove the two nuts (Left & Right) that secure the fuse panel
  3. Pry up the controller behind the fuse panel with a screwdriver from the bottom. It's in there pretty tight, so a bit of force is needed. I pried at about the lower middle of the panel which is the right side of the controller. Aside: My controller was black and the delay controller is white.
  4. Disconnect the wires from the controller (easy once the controller is loose).
  5. Push the new controller into place and check it is secure.
  6. Connect the wires to the controller.
  7. Re-secure the fuse panel with the two nuts removed in step 2
  8. Put the fuse panel cover back in place

After plugging everything in and turning the car on, I was very excited to discover that this worked perfectly. I had previously only swapped the wiper stalk and the INT setting did nothing. I thought I might need to get a delay wiper until I read this thread. On the "intermittent" (INT) setting, the wipers will make a swipe at the "low" speed and then pause for about three (3) seconds before making another swipe.

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