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Originally Posted by broski499 View Post
30mpg is a great for average mpg, when I got the 36 that one time it was just a straight freeway shoot with no traffic. I live in california so I feel you on the heat, sometimes unless you want to show up to work sweating you have to use the AC.

30 MPG average is nice but my goal is to average 35-40 MPG...that's just to keep me motivated to try harder, I hope it's realistic. Oh the summers must be awful for you as well...the humidity is the real nuisance, ugh.

Yes for some reason I get better mpg at 60 to 62 then at 55, I know this sounds stupid but this is what my ultraguage tells me, i think when I hit the 60 to 62 mark I Must be in the overdrive gear, this is a guess I don't know much about cars.

Hmmmm...that is interesting. It may have to do with aerodynamics, mechanics and local terrain of your area but that's just a guess. Have you tesed it at all other speeds to see if the changes are drastic...say 50 versus 60 or 70 versus 60???

MetroMPG made an excellent point...overdrive kicks in gear around 45-50 MPH on our Camrys. The torque converter is then locked, allowing for the best mileage to occur.

I use synthetic oil and this may contribute to some mpg gains

Wow, that's great and it really prevents sludge buildup, which these Camrys are well known for. I've heard Mobil-1 synthetic is one of the best but I'm not sure...

I too inflated my tires to max sidewall, really watch your tire pressure I once let it get low an was getting 22mpg which is just sad.

I will try that max sidewall pressure was just a bit too stiff, so I reduced by 5-6 PSi.

Living on the edge with the spare not in tow haha I have AAA too, how much do you think the tire weighs?

My tire was a full sized spare...and it weighed about 50-60 lbs. inflated to 44's made the car much lighter, though it fishtails a bit easier now, but that's just because of the Camry's suspension I think.

I don't recommend this to everyone, only at your own risk...I'm just trying it out to see if I notice a difference in MPG...I probably will a slight difference.

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