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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Does anyone think much more can be hypermiled out of the Fit EV?
My first instinct is that you could absolutely hypermile more out of it, because estimates tend to vastly undershoot what the car is capable of. Look at my car, to be honest I don't even try that hard sometimes and I still have never had a tank (after my first) that is less than 7 MPG higher than the EPA for it.

Then again, it IS an electric vehicle, and I've noticed a tendency in big manufacturers to run awful close to what the vehicle is truly capable of in their estimates, probably to bolster consumer confidence/interest.

Hm, I guess I didn't really help you at all :P
I say go for it, for the novelty if nothing else. Let the Civic sit awhile, cancel insurance except for Comprehensive (so a break-in or something would still be covered) and put your money toward the Fit.
And then visit Oregon and let me drive it
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