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Thank you! I've been curious about that for quite a while.

I am courteous to others to a point. I'm not inconsiderate like WG but if people honk and flash their lights at me, I'm not speeding up or moving because they want to get to the stop sign or light 2 seconds faster then me. They can go around if they really want to go faster.

I tell others tha I pay my own gasoline bill, nobody if I want to hypermile and stretch my fuel, then by all means I will do it.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
No need to use the emergency brake - the difference between that & the hydraulic brake isn't what wastes fuel. The reason braking wastes more fuel than coasting is because you stayed on the power LONGER before slowing down than you do when you try to "DWB" (drive without brakes).

There's no magic solution. Keep working at it - you'll start to figure it out. Try not to hold people up - I modify how much/slowly I coast based on following traffic. Maybe you can also choose different routes or driving times that enable you to do more coasting without disrupting "normal" flow.

I try my best to coast to stops and keep a good distance so I can slow down and try to beat traffic lights to keep from stopping...but every once in awhile, I get some moron who cuts in front of me just to turn right and they take their sweet time turning as well grrrrrr.
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