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The Vx is one of the lightest hatches made in this generation due to manual operation of windows, mirrors, steering; as well as other weight saving techniques. The lx on the other hand would be one of the heavier models. 4 door sedan with power windows, mirrors, steering, locks; as well as a/c. I'm not worried about the power output of the z1 engine and I'm fairly confident the dfco will be fantastic. Ive noticed the heavier car coasts so much easier due to the increased weight. That paired with the tall Vx gears and the z1's love for low rpms/dfco will be a home run(im hoping)

Goals- 50 mpg average while maintaining the stock appearance. It will be the economy sedan Honda never made in this generation. A mesh of the 2 models. Basically what it would look like if someone special ordered it from the factory. Also while keeping the pros of both models ( fuel economy and power accessories) when the car gets painted VLX will be stenciled on the trunk lid. To follow are pics of both cars, Vx manifolds and ecus, rust free body parts, and quarter patch panels
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