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You guys are the smartest people that I know! :)

I need to look into being tested for ADD for a third time. When I called for the results the first time I was told that I did not complete the test. I would think that if I pay to take a test they should make sure that I did it right.

The second time I was told that I fit Asperger's more than ADD, but I honestly think that I have both.


Four hundred and thirty-five of us took an anatomy test on Tuesday. I finished first with an eighty-three. People assume that I would score higher if I took my time.

I would score higher if I studied more.

I usually pay more attention when I go quickly.

I earned a Bachelor's in Spanish, could not find a job, and ended up in Germany with the Army. They always told us that our service was need-to-know and told us of bad things that happened to our brethren. I seemed to be the only one that followed that policy, as usual. I only mention it now because I think that it is relevant. In the Army everything needed to be done before the order is given.

I came home the end of March and did not see any option other than trying to fit a semester of classes in one summer. It took me eight years to earn a Bachelor's and the only semester that I completed twelve credits was my easiest one. If I completed those classes well enough I could have started my program this semester. Now I am repeating two classes and do not have any idea what I will do until the program starts again next August.

I have an anatomy lab practical next Tuesday. I earned a 33% the first time. If I do not pass this time something will seriously be wrong, but if I do not earn a 3.8 this degree I will not be able to get into my program.

How would you recommend putting my Ecomodder subscriptions on hold? I plan on having my best friend change my World of Warcraft password. I need to figure out how to actually be efficient for eight days.

What suggestions do you guys have?

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