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I'll get into that fight, can we get a fourth?

I know that everyone is different and learns in different ways, but for me when I did anatomy last year was all about repetition and making the information more than just words/ pictures on a page. The best secret to anatomy is you get the ultimate cheat sheet, YOU! When I was doing bones, muscles, nerves, etc, I would locate them on myself and say them outloud and in my head, while going over origins/ insertions/ innervation. When it came time to do my final, I had a much easier time remembering the names of the muscles because I was able to write my exam the exact same way I studied. Being able to see, feel, flex a muscle helped me memorize it, instead of just seeing it in a book.

I am in my third year of Honours Health Science and did anatomy last year, and that is what helped me get by. It may be worth a try, good luck and let us know how it goes!

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