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I tracked down the "patent". It is not a patent, it is a dead patent application. A patent was applied for in Mexico in 1999 by Carlos Alberto Barrera Garza. The application dragged on until 2004. The abstract is full of the same "imploturbocompressor of dynamic flows" technobabble of the OP's original post.

There is no such thing as secrets to hide when applying for a patent. International patent law requires that all patents be written so that any person "skilled in the art" can build the thing that is being patented.

Technobabble is specifically not allowed. Every single word in the patent must be both technically and legally correct.

Anybody can apply for a patent, but the patent office decides if the patent will be granted.

And if the patent had issued, it would have expired last year. Everything in it is then public property and can be freely used by anybody for any purpose whatsoever.
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