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Originally Posted by Freyguy View Post
In 1.4 software, if you uncomment (remove semicolons) from the battery amp section, it will use the hall scaler value for Lem Hass 300 (value=.29). I assume this is what you had done in the past.
On version 2.0, if you select Hall type "1" from the on-screen menu, it will use the hall scaler value for Lem Hass 200 (value =.19). If you want to use the Hass 300, you need to go to the section of code where the constants are listed and change "Hall_scale' from .19 to .29, then recompile. Sorry if I didn't make this clearer in the Addendum.

Not going into charge mode sounds like VR1 needs to be readjusted. After reprogramming PIC, follow section in the manual for inital battery amp setup of VR1.
Thanks !

I changed Hall_scale= .29
but can not compile
(CONFIG Directive Error: (value "PORTB" not valid for setting "CCP2MX")

Can you compile it for me? Please!
also can you change TX table to limit 300A and 100A

Thanks a lot ! I really like this LCD, works GREAT !
here`s a picture of it
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