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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
Thanks for sharing. Seems once you factor in labor, a vehicle, misc tools, a charger, you are about in it as much as a Leaf. I swear I got an email a few weeks ago that you can build a lifepo4 ev for a fraction of the cost of a leaf with the same if not more range. Having just driven a Leaf it seemed like a good read.

I still want to see a Bug-e in action one day as I would be the only occupant.
It really depends on your skills and what you are looking for. My EV has greater performance and range than a Nissan Leaf, and I enjoy building things so making an EV was just too much fun!

It's my hobby, it may be expensive but I currently have that kind of disposable cash, and I'm still in college commuting so standing out have helped a lot.

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