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Originally Posted by Crossdan View Post
No worries. I'm already ahead of the game by having a controller that I can replace components on (assuming they're bad).
Just to make sure I don't have bigger problems, after the pre-charge timer expires I should record 12 volts between the +12v and the contactor, correct?

At no time, either before or after the pre-charge timer expires do I get 12 volts across the contactor (middle) terminal and ground. I'm hoping Paul doesn't tell me I have bigger problems.

I have my car on jacks waiting for the controller to spin the wheels. I'll try to install this weekend with a 24 v pack to test the motor control portion of the OpenRevolt. If that doesnt work then i definitely have bigger issues.


I think there is a software switch that needs to be set before the contactor will work. Other people have written about having problems with it. Hopefully someone more familiar will chime in....
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