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Smile This am on the way to work.

Ok, well the forum will not let me post pic yet.

This am I got to work with the reading 66.4 MPG, and miles till empty 535, with 363.3 miles traveled on the MFD.

I realize that the MFD is not real accurate but I will be hand calc. the total diesel + the total LPG to see what the MPG verses dollar is.

If it comes out close to what it is looking like so far I will have about a 30% improvement in MPG over just D2 and only have used maybe 2 gal. of LPG per 14 gal of D2.

So, at $3.85 per gal D2, thats $54 dollars to fill up. That usually gets me real close to 550 miles to a tank. Yes it is a PD so it only holds 14.6 when dead empty, There is no way to purge the 06 Jettas.

So, if I use even 3 gal of LPG @ $1.99, that would be $5.97 per tank of diesel. Or, $59.97 per tank including the D2 + LPG.

So, now all I can do is drive and see how far I can go before I have to refill the D2, then refill the LPG and see how much I have used.

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