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Interestingly, the specific subscription rules of Ecomodder have helped me--I was not allowed to create an account using Hotmail or Y!. I cannot really explain it, but I have three accounts among those two providers and three Gmail accounts--two for school and one personal that I only used for this site.

So I simply closed the tab.

2000neon, I will try that, thanks!

Piwoslaw, your idea definitely sounds fun. Maybe another time.

I had a Physics test this morning. I tried studying, but I had all kinds of complications come up in my life. I ended up paying $200 to replace a cell phone that seemed to be attempting a premature robot uprising.

Today I learned how to unlock $15 Walmart pre-paid phones.


I tried studying for physics, but everything that I found in the book was easy. I think that I figured out the last problem, which should have been worth many points, although that was not specified. However, I miscalculated the gravity on Mars, and I probably used the prescribed format wrong.

Example: In our quiz last week we had the problem "A 7-Newton book is sitting on top of another book [...] How much force is Book One exerting on Book Two and in which direction?"

7N, straight down.


No, I needed to explain it with a diagram, a short essay, and hand puppets.

4/10, but I had the correct answer.

Honestly, though, all that really matters is:

I finished first!

I stop worrying about tests once I stop working on them. As soon as I turn it in I lose capacity to do anything about it.

I stop caring, too.

Sooner or later I will post about something that happened to my car, but I need to get to class. You guys take care!
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