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I used to have a 95 4-cylinder GMC Sonoma (i.e., S10). When the fan clutch gave up the ghost, I bought an electric fan, wired it up all half-assed, and it worked really well. It actually ran slightly cooler, not to mention not having all the drag, weight, and vibration on the engine. I don't think I got better FE out of it, but I always consistently got 30mpg (I once got really excited about a 32mpg tank) on the highway anyway. Mine was a 5 speed, 2wd, with a tonneau cover, and lowered a tiny bit. Either way, it did make the truck smoother, quieter, and a little peppier-feeling, so I couldn't complain.

I don't miss that awful, awful truck. The last year I had it, I spent more money fixing it than I did on lease payments on an 05 Subaru Impreza the following year (vastly less useful, much more fun, faster, and about the same FE as the truck). Besides that, I don't miss getting roped into helping people move furniture.

Don't forget to change your U-Joints!
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