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Urba Centurion Update - (Kubota diesel, 100+ MPG in mixed driving - Fall 2012 on)

The Centurion's drivetrain has hopefully been reinstalled for the last time. With roughly 2,000 miles on the last implant, the low average is 107mpg. On several occasions it has hit 124 mpg and that is in mixed driving. Final body and paintwork will have to wait until next year. As a side note, the Centurion was at a college sustainability event this week and there was a Tesla there. To illustrate again how small the Centurion is, the Tesla is larger and almost looks "portly", and the Centurion is lower at the roof. There is no comparison when looking at the rake of each car's windshield. (The students went for the Go-One in droves, the Centurion 2nd and the Tesla 3rd.)

There are youtube videos of the Centurion (one is a few driveby shots).
The link for that one is here: Centurion on the open road - Pt 1-4 - YouTube

Still much to do - over and out!

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