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When I converted the Ford Ranger to all electric, I Did not want to put a pulley on the front of the motor for power steering. I checked out a couple of options, like putting a pulley on the driveshaft at the differential and a pump attached to the differential. Apparently that is how the stock car racers were doing it for a while. Instead I found a manual steering box at a junk yard and installed it. The yard that had it was glad to get rid of it telling me it had been in inventory for over 4 years and I was the only one to ever ask for one. All I paid for it was shipping from the other side of the state.
Roger, the guy I built it for complained (well he was cantankerous and complained about everything) because he was old and steering was tough, but he got used to it.
Going to the manual box solved a lot of fabrication time. Of course you guys are talking about gas savings, but if I had done the rear differential set up it would certainly have taxed the motor power...
electric Ford Ranger
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