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Gen Set Build Custom reg for 300amp alternator

Hi all I have been a big fan of this site for many years. Especially since it is Paul M's home base for his open source stuff. I am working on building a low cost range extender charger Gen Set for my little 60 volt 1980 Commuta Car. I have a 300 amp IRAGGI HO auto alternator with a bad regulator. I will build a single wheel trailer that attaches to the rear of my vehicle with a two point hitch, runs on a single swivel wheel to keep the weight down. I have a couple of different horizontal shaft motors to play with to start with. One is 6 hp the other is 10 but heavier. If anyone could help me design ( with the concept always will be open source info) a regulator that could be built to give my a charging/ extending voltage of 75Volts/64volts. I would really appreciate it. I know others have done some thing similar but I can not find the schematic and info on any of them. After that if possible a simple arduino programmed to control the regulator and motor rpm and on/off. This would make it a stand along charging station where there are none.

I am a full time returning college student it is 7 miles to one campus and 16.5 to the other each way, along with several steep hills. This serial configuration could be used to make taking my Commuta a reality to both campuses. I should be able to make it to the farther campus on pack alone but there are no places to charge at all. Plus I do not have the 8 hours there to charge. I attend both campus's 5 days a week. My hope for the regulator is one that could be easily modified by referencing a chart included with the schematic. That would allow our community to use it on any alternator. I understand all the losses and the HP conversions, I am expecting to get 3,600 to 4,200 watts of available energy from my HO alternator. After rectification and voltage selection that would bring me down to around 45 to 65 amps at 75 volts, dependent on rpm.

This would be one heck of a great/fast charge, 100 portable. The charger would be awesome for those where the power grid goes down a lot from mother nature a lot. I know other have done something similar even on here. But I can not find any technical stuff like schematics: such at Open Revolt type stuff. Using the one wheel trailer design would allow our pure electric vehicles to stay that way, but allow us to be hybrid EV's when needed. I think this design can be put together for really cheap. I found my HO alt on Ebay for $145.00 delivered. My motors are used both cost me $25.00. I can build and weld an aluminum frame for this.

If anyone has knowledge of any location with schematics and such that would work for me please let me know. I will be making an Instructable, and YouTube video of my build to help other. I also plan on putting up a very simple web page to guide others to the info. But Ecomodder will be the primary place I keep updates and mods posted.

Thanks in Advance, and Paul M. you are a true giving spirit to our world and cause.

Steve P
Novato, Ca
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