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Thanks, Metro. Good deal on everyone doing their own thing, a few of these sites do get a little, shall we say, intense about different opinions. I'm actually a bit of a speed freak, but I prefer to get the most power possible per gallon. I'd rather have a car that gets a 12 second quarter while getting 15MPG than a 10 second car getting 5MPG, for example. My goal with this 4x4 truck is to get 20+MPG, be able to cruise at 80+MPH for hours on end, and go 10 seconds in the quarter. I'm not likely to make my quarter mile goal, but the other two are well within reach.

98, the 4.8 and 5.3 use the same computer although the parameters are different. I did swap transmissions, but it was because the transmission was also failing. Right before installing the 4.8 I replaced the 4L60E transmission with a 4L80E. This required having a new crossmember made up, adding a speed sensor and repinning the main plug to the 4L80E's configuration. So far as the computer goes I have EFI Live, which allows total access to the computer. I just had to drop a new segment in for the transmission, and make a few changes in the engine program to account for the missing half liter. Next step after break-in is to use a wideband O2 sensor in conjunction with the program's scanner function to tune the airflow, fueling and timing. That should net my 20+MPG fuel efficiency goal. I'm hoping that my main reason for coming here, finding a way to offload my accessories from the engine, will help me get closer to the quarter miling goal.
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