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Well the fillup before last was not exactly the 25mpg my app was showing and while I didn't honestly expect it to be it was a lot lower than I expected. My final fuel economy for that fillup ended up being just 17.6 MPG. Which while not anywhere close to 25 mpg is still light years better than the 14.5MPG average I was getting just a few months ago. Granted I am not going to lie the traffic around here has been much better recently which probably has as much of an impact on my mileage as my driving style does.

Still the best keeps getting better this morning I filled up and set a new personal best in this truck by a long shot. I still am partially wondering if this is a fluke or if it was really that good. But when I stopped to get gas this morning the truck's on board MPG display was reading 18.8mpg. When I was done filling and actually did the math I ended up with an amazing 19.3mpg! The only thing I did other than changing how I have been driving was to inflate my tires a little over the stock reccomended pressure. This is awesome, and I am already shooting to break 20 on my next fillup... The roof rack might just be coming back off when I get home tonight.
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