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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
I'm glad to see your not putting the project on hold. I take it she's going with you in the fall?

I'm impressed with your ability to fix everything. How did you learn? A service manual and a "bonzai!" attitude or what? I'd like to learn, but man...that seems a little overwhelming.

Good job. You're...almost...there.

EDIT: Isn't a PCV valve meant to release crankcase pressure to the intake? I say that because I remember people installing catch cans to collect the stuff before it (re)entered the engine.

- LostCause
Yeah. Looks like she'll be coming up the Grapevine. Which is probably going to be a very slow trip. She can climb just not very fast. Plus $250 a month on gas just isn't in the cards anymore. Heep can be a weekend plaything if I can afford to keep it long term.

Bonzai pretty much sums it up. If someone else in the world can do it, why can't I?

Yep, it vents back into the intake. Thats where the gray hose goes. There is another port on the top that runs over to the intake box. Before, thats where its been puking oil vapor and gunking up the throttle body. Now it will just gunk up the intake tract. Which I need to clean out somehow.
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