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Making a heated cover, jacket liner shirt is really easy, simple V=IR & P=IV. If want 40 watts of heat, 40/12 = 3.33 amps, 12/3.33 = 3.60 so need a resistance of 3.6 ohms, find some 28 gauge wire or close to that size and figure the length of wire to get the resistance you want then weave it into a seat cover or glue gun it to a towel to lay on the seat. Do 2 circuits if you want, and cause don't really know how much heat you will need, double the wire length and have a 20 watt circuit and 40 watt. or maybe 10 and 30. Thicker the wire least resistance so more is needed, but not as hot in any one place, thinner wire will use less and get higher surface temperature. Spent a little more the $10 on the wire and connector.

I've wired up my motorycle jacket liner, used a flat 4 trailer connector to plug it in and a shirt for my son for sitting in the woods when really cold, carrying that motorycle battery with me.
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