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New guy with a 1970 Ultravan classic RV

My name is Larry Forman and my wife and I own a 1970 classic RV called an Ultravan. It is 22 ft. long, by 8 ft. high and wide. Most of these have a Corvair powertrain, which is a 1960's Chevy air cooled aluminum flat 6 engine. Despite these engines being VERY small for an RV, they actually work because these are relatively light weight RVs. This is because they were designed by an aircraft engineer and have NO chassis since they are monocoque construction similar to an air plane with aluminum skins and C channel supports. The horsepower to weight ratio for most of these Ultravans is very close to any RV on the road today, but they are more efficient. My particular Ultravan came from the factory with a 307 c.i.d. Chevy engine, HOWEVER before I got it, it had been converted to an Olds Toronado 455 c.i.d. 375 horsepower entire power train moved to the back from an original Toronado f.w.d. All this makes for a VERY unusual RV and it has a retro look. Do a google search for Ultravan for more information and photos.

As an Electronic Engineer, I look for ways to improve the mpg of this vehicle and currently run about 12-13 mpg for long trips, which is not bad considering the vehicle and engine size. This engine has a Holley carb and is not fuel injected (currently). My interests are to improve the fuel economy to about 15 mpg, if possible and practical.

My specific immediate need is for an mpg gauge for this carburetted engine. Does anyone know where I can obtain or build one, ideally like a MPGuino for carb engines? I suspect some of the hot rod guys might have similar needs and requests.

Many thanks for any assistance and I find this entire site very interesting with lots of applications to what I want to do.

-- Larry Forman

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