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Thanks! I have a tachometer and just need to run the wires to make it work. I DO want to add an instaneous mpg gauge to help determine how to maximize going up and down hills.

The tach will tell me where I am on the rpm-torque curve. I have the possibility of adding a solenoid switchable variable vane on the tranny torque converter to lower rpms approximately 200 or so, like about a half overdrive. I need to determine if the added cost is worth the possibility of improving fuel economy.

Since I am hauling approximately 7,000 lbs, I cool the tranny and engine oil to keep everything within reasonable thermal limits. I am running four radiators(!) - two are full sized with the rearmost one having two flex fans cooling it and electric fan for the other large radiator. Two small heater core radiators need shrouds to improve air flow and cooling. I want to replace the flex fans with electric fans to lighten engine belt loading.

I have an air dam below the front and an air scoop ahead of and below the engine. I wonder if these help or hurt mileage and a mpg gauge will let me test any changes. Also, I wonder if the temps of the air below the body might be higher than I want, from the pavement being solar heated. I would like to add a ram air scoop for the carb and see if the engine breathes better.

I want to test the rolling resistance and Cd to obtain a baseline, then make changes and see what improves.

I can increase the tire pressures on the LRR tires. I want to see if I can get close to 15 mpg on this engine combo and I am now close to 13 mpg, which is not too bad for 7,000 lbs and a 375 hp 455 carb engine. Lowering rolling weight can also help. I have already lowered the weight by several hundred pounds with several hundred more to go. I added rear air suspension which enabled me to remove the rear boat anchor of the heavy rear subframe and torsion bars. I can add front air suspension to eliminate the steel front coil springs. Adding powered rack and pinion steering from an '08 Silverado 1500 will enable better front tire alignment with reduced tire wobble and easier steering while parking. I don't know if running full synthetic oil will help or not. The engine and tranny have been rebuilt about 55,000 miles ago and the cylinder compression is very good at 180 pounds for all 8 cylinders. I am running Ignitor III ignition with very hot Accel ignition coil, so the ignition is good. The Holley carb has been rebuilt.

Thanks for the tips. -- Larry
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