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It doesn't take much braking to heat up the rotors. I'm surprised as to how much they retain their heat so unless you know for a fact you didn't use the brakes at all, I wouldn't put much value in the fact they are warmer than you think they should be.

In regards to making them as loose as possible, the caliper seal can only pull back the piston so far. Anything compressible between the piston and the pads can take up some of this pullback distance and result in the pads dragging more than not.

What was a eye opener for me was working on a friend's Metro. His front tires were nearly friction free when turning, but mine were much tighter. Ends up he didn't have brake shims installed, but I did AND I also had CRC brake silence compound. I ditched the shims, cleaned off the CRC goo, and now mine too are nearly friction free.
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