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Originally Posted by campisi View Post
The 17's vs 15's prolly didn't change your mileage noticeably. The 17" rim/tire combo was most likely much taller than the 15" rim/tire combo giving you an "apparent" lower MPG reading when in actuality it's about the same.
Glad someone else noticed this - I was on vacation when this posted, so I could read it, but not comment. The taller wheel/tire combo will cause under-reporting of actual mileage (and lower speeds, too. This means some gain could be the lower resistance from traveling a little slower...). Certainly the width and compound (rolling resistance) will impact the mileage, though. You should do some math based on the wheels/tires on there before vs now, so you can get a rough estimate of the actual mileage, assuming the car from the factory came with 15's (so it was calibrated for 15's). I'm curious to see what the larger combo actually did to your mileage.
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