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I try to rev match my cobalt, I tend to skip gears because the blasted thing cant be throttled to any paticular RPM (one of the big disadvantages of drive by wire) This means that I have to wait a relatively long time waiting for the RPMs to slowly hang and drop. I also would love to have an autotragic idle on the MT since to me its just a waste having it idle at 1k when the auto is usually around 600rpms.

I have often thought of buying an HP tuner for the 010 cobalt XFE just to force DFCO to happen instantly when gas pedal TPS=0 and RPMS are above some point. This would speed my shifting, reduce clutch wear (when I am forced to be in a hurry) and it would allow a mini P&G as I shift from 1->3->5.

Anyone have such a device there are a couple things I would love to tweek on the cobalt but I can't justify $500+ to attempt it.

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