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yes he really did a nice job,and the body he constructed is very efficient at slicing through the think air.It will be interesting when large scale 3D printer's become available to all of us,what if any surface effects have on aerodynamics, realizing that just because mother nature made it work in a certain animal for a specific reason,doesn't mean it will work on a race car or motorcycle,but we will be able to try it.I don't think we could pay a body man enough money to dimple a car or motorcycle body like a golf ball,and I really don't see it working,but the fact we will be able to experiment in the future is really cool,and hey you never know.Somebody somewhere may hit on something,aerodynamics are a really big deal when you can double your mileage and or range of a electric.Just my 2 cents,keep up the good work.I believe someone else is working on a enclosed motorcycle,I will get the link and post it.
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