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Let me re introduce the basics as I understand things: We - the folks on this forum - believe consuming less fuel is important. We wonder why others don't see this. The answer is simple:

"Fuel is not precious"

Will it ever be precious?

Well, it has been precious twice in my lifetime. Once - as a baby in WW2 while my dad was keeping B-24s flying in England. My grand dad had a fuel ration card to buy gas. Once again in the early 70s when you could buy a limited amount of fuel every other day. It is interesting that the price was not an issue. Availability was the issue. Lack of fuel made it precious.

What would make fuel precious today?

Well, as I write, fuel is precious in San Diego. Even at $6/gallon, gas stations cannot get gas and are closing.

The 100 mpg Vetter bikes are looking pretty good, aren't they? The criteria I have set:

70 mph into a 30 mph headwind, sitting up and comfortable, able to carry a useful load like 4 bags of groceries - has resulted in machines that be very significant if and when.
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