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Originally Posted by ThomCat316 View Post
As long as your fabric isn't too fragile you should roll or squeegee a thin coat of resin onto the surface of your foam, then lay the precut cloth segments into place,
For me it's easier with large pieces to lay the cloth on dry and then work in the resin. If you have help to lay down the cloth on wet resin then it might be easier.

As for fairing, buy fumed silica and glass microbaloon from them also and make your own epoxy fairing compound. You'd be amazed how much microballon you can work into a small volume of epoxy - just make sure to add a bit of fumed silica so it doesn't tend to slump. "Stiff peanut butter" is a workable consistency.
It's not as easy to sand as regular polyester bondo, if it's just a thin layer to be sanded down for cosmetics I'm not sure I'd bother to use epoxy resin and silica/microbaloon.
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