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Originally Posted by jago25_98 View Post
How's about a wind turbine that compresses air?

Wouldnt this be more efficient than elecrochemical conversio and reconversion?

I found an inventor of a turbine but Ive lost the link now. I remember ther were absolutely no details on how it worked anyway. Do we have i fo on this idea? Have you heard anything?
What do you plan to do with the compressed air?

Small turbines don't put out a lot of power. My not-so-large compressor is 2HP or 1500 watts. That's a good-sized wind turbine and a quite a bit of wind. Plus you're going to need the shaft rpm to match your compressor, which might require a transmission = more weight, complexity and energy loss. IMO you're better off generating electricity and feeding it to a battery pack or the grid, then using the electricity to power your compressor.
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