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Originally Posted by jago25_98 View Post
How's about a wind turbine that compresses air?

Wouldnt this be more efficient than elecrochemical conversio and reconversion?
?? No ??

In any event the most efficient use of wind was pumping water, oddly enough. If you have a relatively large pond at the top of a hill and space for one at the bottom as well you can use a pond or lake (or even a river with a reservoir) to store energy also.

In terms of storing air understand that air is VERY ineffient as a storage device, it expands and contracts easily depending on temperature and water vapor content. To efficiently store air its best to store at very low pressures in very large vessels, like for example if you have a cave nearby that is mostly air tight. Alsothe storage density even at high pressure is quite poor, AKA you would need some massive storage tanks much like using gravity and a pair of lakes to store energy.
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