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Greetings from "Crazy Bill"

Hi guys,

Been reading your forums with great interest for several months, now. Have been interested in trying to get better gas mileage since a teenager in the early '70s. Used to harrass my parents, trying to get them to drive slower to see what kind of mileage we could get.

My first serious attempt to save gas by intentionally buying a vehicle for that purpose was my '82 Honda Nighthawk 450 motorcycle. I was hoping to get 60 on the highway, but was very pleased when it actually hit 70. Then when I had a clear plastic "plexifairing" installed (to keep me from freezing on long trips), I was surprised and thrilled that it started getting 75 mpg. My best tank ever on in was 76. But even so, I eventually decided it "wasn't worth it" & got rid of it.

Then, around 2004, after a short search, I bought a 1999 Suzuki Swift, 4 cylinder, 5 speed. I call it the "White Gnat" in honor of the Pink Panther's Inspector Clouseau's "Silver Hornet". I have exceeded 50 mpg on the highway in it a couple times, and even hit 51 once. It is "stock". However, it isn't running too well now & the mechanic says one cylinder's low on compression. .... so it may need a new engine.

But my "big project" now is the Yamaha 50 scooter I'm slated to get from my mother-in-law. Her late husband got it but only put 43 miles on it before he died. I hear they get 80 to 100 mpg "stock", and am considering the idea of lowering the seat and making a very steamlined "aero shell" for it. I'd love to be able to have lettering that says "Priuses are gas hogs" and be able to "back it up".


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