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I can't seem to get any success using P&G above lockup speed on the TC. It's most advantageous when in urban traffic where I can't go fast enough for the slushbox to shift into 5th.

It would be nice to have really controlled situations to check TC slippage (oh how I wish the ScanGauge could do RPM/MPH or KPH) and it's affect on mileage. I'm temporarily in Florida on vacation and it's really flat except bridges, so I am finally getting ideas of steady state speeds and also very controlled climbs. The one thing that has surprised me is that the best way to go over a bridge is to hit it really fast and bleed speed all the way to the top. Climbing at a steady 50 - 55 MPH is actually quite bad due to major slippage. So even though I try to go 52 or 55 MPH, I hit the big bridges at between 65 and 70. DSG or bust!!!

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