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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Dry weight 3-4000 lbs; touring weight 4500-5800 lbs.

A Buick Park Avenue's curb weight can be 3800 lbs. They have lock-up converters. Come to think of it, full-size pickups do too.

I wonder why this one weighs 7000 lbs when the Ultravan site says what I quoted above?

If a little Corvair engine can move that thing down the road, I'm sure a nice GM 3800 engine/trans combo with OD and locking converter would move it down the road even more nicely, and who knows, maybe it could break into the 20's mpgs.
Frank, the numbers you are quoting are for the Corvair powered Ultra Van. Ultra, Inc. also built 50 Ultra Vans powered by a 307 cid small block Chevy V8. These coaches are about 1,500 lbs heavier due to the drivetrain and necessary structural beefups. Larry's coach is one of these heavier ones. Also, the Toronado drivetrain conversion in Larry's coach is significantly heavier than OEM.

In fact, Larry has chopped about 1,000 lbs out of his coach since the first time he used it, but it still remains one of the heaviest Ultra Vans on record.

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