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Here's video to give a good picture of how much space the gear takes up, and why I'm dead-set on a truck:

gear list for this show setup includes:
-88 key keyboard
-61 key keyboard
-keyboard midi modules, stand, etc.

-2 turntables
-DJ mixer
-table (yes, nobody ever has a suitable table for turntables at a jazz festival, for some reason).

-Full drum kit and hardware

-guitars (the more I can bring, the better, but usually, i can get away with just my 8 string if I have too - it's a bass and a guitar built into one).

-bass amp
-guitar amp
-guitar effects and preamps

-12 channel mixer
-power amp
-2 600 watt stage monitors
-2 200 watt floor wedge stage monitors

-stage signage

I think that covers everything.

Combined weight = somewhere around 900lbs, plus whatever cables and power supplies I need.

Personnel... 4 people, combined weight 650 lbs.

Thus the Ram is the smallest truck I can afford to use. I have very little headroom.
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