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Originally Posted by ron View Post
oil and water does not mix, unless I missed something and water does not burn.ARE U SURE
You probably could have just asked for clarification.

Water DOES burn, but that's not why I do it. Less fuel into the combustion chamber per event, and all other things equal, means better fuel economy. Simple. If I'm introducing water, which then turns to steam, I don't sacrifice as much power from the loss of fuel value since steam expands to 1600 times it's water volume, but I maintain a clean engine, free of soot and coke from burning lubrican't oils. (Yes, I placed the apostrophe on purpose.)

Google "water oil emulsion". You'll instantly learn that not only are you incorrect in your assumption that water and oil will not mix, but people have been doing exactly that for years.

PS - Have you ever seen brown oil? It's got water emulsified in it.
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