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Thinking of cars/motorcycles helps me during my workouts.
One exercise I do 100 reps of at about 15 seconds each. To keep boredom away, I visualize different vehicles as I go along.

1-13 not bored yet, not too much into that early of a ride.
Then we get up to Stutzbearcat, Indy cars of the mid 20's that I have seen , 23 T bucket roadsters, etc...

The '30's are primarily Ford's in my mind.
The 40's are Ford, Willy's, Army Jeeps, and more Ford's, finally Hudson's.

The 50's are mostly GM, Chevrolet a lot, a couple t-birds.

The 60's explodes with ALL cars domestic/foreign... E types, James Bond rides,

The 70's start w the muscle/pony cars, mid 70's Yamaha RD350, late 70's muscle bikes,
'79 Celica (looks like a baby '69 Mustang)
The 80's start w the 928, BMW M1, the 1st CRX in '84, last original Ford Fiesta in '80,
all the VW diesels which adapt well to veggie oil, my Honda Silverwing 650 (673) of '83,
to the 1st Geo Metros, and the last Chevy Sprints (the cars, not the GM El Camino)

The early 90's are full force Geo Metro's, 2nd gen. MR2, and as we get up to 2000 which is end of my 100 I select the Honda Insight.

Of course other memories could be road trips, places you used to live, women you went out with......... many possibilities!!!!
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