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Yeah, those look awesome! I was kind of thinking about that on the side of the fender, just sticking out instead of going in. I would like to have it like that, I do like body work and have some experience. I dont want to mess up the paint on the mustang though, ill feel you on the cutting into the fender part.

Im going to do some brainstorming tomorrow. Maybe ill reverse that idea and see what I can fab up with some free election signs haha. Or maybe I could cut a small rectangle hole build a small scoop and bolt it to the inside...

And btw you got some pics of the El Camino?
1995 ford mustang. V6, auto.

Mods. 2 inch exhaust with glass pack. some throttle body mods. cut up intake box.

Aero mods. Front air dam. wing delete.
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