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Reply to PaulBlez and for “the record”

So Paul maybe you are the first to truly recognise the importance of the three challenges, and what a significant vehicle this will prove to be when/should it hit the targets.

The Vmax target can be easily defined and measured, and will not excite many people since the world has ceased to be amazed by a “mere” 100mph. The fact that the speed record for a 50cc motorcycle (half my engine size) is over 150mph makes my target seem under whelming. But the cognoscenti will appreciate what a tough target it is for a road going vehicle. One thing I have in my favour is the ability to tune the motor well past the projected 11.5hp needed.

The mpg target is just as difficult, but I also have good reason to be confident. Take a detailed read through Allert Jacobs’ site for his velomobile and you will see the basis of my belief. Allert missed this target by the narrowest margin, on a mechanically standard vehicle, with greater capacity than my intended unit. I’m sure he could have hit the mark with the aid of some simple tuning or a well planned record attempt. Let me explain that second point.

My record attempt will be somewhat akin to a “Bonneville run” ie: very accurately measured, but in optimum conditions. I intend to run the “test” on the public highway, during near perfect weather conditions, with the bike in optimised form. The test will comprise a single non-stop distance of 100km, at an average speed of 100km/h. The motor will already be at working temperature before starting, and no aerodynamic benefit will be taken from other road users – the test will be carried out in the early hours of a Sunday morning next summer, all dual carriageway, no stop/start, constant speed.

You point out a couple of the negative aspects of my design, without quantifying their effect. The machine weight will play a very small part under the test conditions that I have described (above) and the rolling resistance to which you ascribe far greater significance than I do, can be easily overcome. Don’t forget, my C90 in bog-standard form gave 134mpg yet the positive aspects of my design, you seem to have missed. By comparison with Allert’s machine, I should achieve less drag through a fully enclosed body (no holes for head and feet), better shape (lower frontal area and improved fineness ratio), optimised engine tuning (laptop programmable ECU with fuel injection) – and if all of the above does not gain me 1km extra, then I will eat my hat!

So Paul, thanks for pointing out the enormity of the task and even though I remain confident, I will summarise with one of our favourite English sayings – “the proof of the pudding, is in the eating”

Project 100 link

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